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HW1 spring 2011 - Your recipe for 1 cup of hot chocolate is...

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CHEG 2313 Thermo I HW#1 Spring 2011 Due Wednesday, January 26 at beginning of class. Unit conversions: 1. Convert 1 hr mL to sennight s tablespoon . (2 pts) 2. Convert 5 2 cm N to bar . (2 pts) 3. Which is faster: 60 miles per hour or 60 meters per second? (3 pts) 4. For the following, identify the system, boundary, and surroundings: a) bicycle tire inflating (1.5 pts) b) kettle of water boiling (1.5 pts) 5. A 15 W fluorescent light bulb produces as much light as a traditional incandescent 60 W light bulb. If a fluorescent light bulb costs $4.81 more than an incandescent bulb and the cost of energy is $0.10/kW*hr, how long will it take to pay for the difference in the bulbs? (5 pts) 6. Due to the recent cold weather you have decided to sell hot cocoa as a fundraiser.
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Unformatted text preview: Your recipe for 1 cup of hot chocolate is 2/3 cup milk powder, 1/5 cup powdered sugar, and 2.5 teaspoons cocoa powder. You have a 2 pound bag of powdered sugar, 0.5 pound can of cocoa powder, and 1.6 pounds of milk powder. Assuming that water is unlimited, how many glasses of hot cocoa will you be able to sell? (5 pts) Powder Density (g/mL) milk 0.21 cocoa 0.56 sugar 0.56 7. A pressure gauge has been calibrated using the set-up shown in Figure 1.4-2. The piston has a mass of 200 g and an area at the contact surface of 0.2 m 2 . The pressure gauge reads 0 kPa when there is no weight on the piston. How much weight is on top of the piston when the gauge reads 15 kPa? (5 pts)...
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