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CHEG 2313 Thermo I HW#2 Spring 2011 Due Wednesday, February 4 at beginning of class. 1. A 100,000 kg holding tank is being used to collect excess solvents that are then send on to a distillation tower to be separated. Toluene flows in at a steady rate of 200 kg/min and benzene flows in at a steady rate of 10 mols/s. The solvent mixture is sent to the distillation tower at a steady rate of 1000 kg/hr. How long will it take for the holding tank to fill if it is initially empty? (5 pts) 2. Helium ( an ideal gas ) is being used to fill balloons for your nephew’s birthday party. The gas cylinder contains 5 g of helium. The balloons have a 20 cm diameter when fully inflated. How many balloons will you be able to fill? (6 pts) Given: 3 3 4 r V sphere π = , kPa P c atmospheri 3 . 101 = , C T ° = 25 3. A pharmaceutical company is studying the absorption of a new drug.
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Unformatted text preview: The stomach breaks down the 100 mg pill to release 0.07 mg/min of the drug into the blood stream. The body is able to absorb the drug at a rate of 0.01 mg/min. a) The pill is designed to be taken once per day. Does this seem reasonable? (3 pts) b) The drug is lethal at a concentration of greater than 10 mg/L. Based on the concentration at 24 hours, would you market the drug in its current form? (4 pts) 4. A holding tank currently contains 1,000 kg of water. A pump is being used to empty the tank. After being turned on, the pump increases its flow by 500 g per minute for the first 5 minutes until it reaches a steady flow rate. How long does it take to empty the tank? (7 pts)...
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