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CHEG 2313 Thermo I HW#6 Spring 2011 Due Wednesday, March 9, 2011 by 5pm. 1. A process produces power by expanding 1.3 kg/s of steam from 500°C and 3.5 MPa to 250°C and 3000 kPa. A breakdown in insulation around the process allows a heat loss of 30 kJ per kg of steam. a) How much power can be produced from this process? (6 pts) b) If the heat is being transferred at 350°C, is this process possible? (6 pts) 2. Steam at 150 bar and 700°C is to undergo a Joule-Thomson expansion to atmospheric pressure and 660.6°C. Determine the validity of this process using the First and Second
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Unformatted text preview: Laws of Thermodynamics. (5 pts) 3. A horizontal frictionless piston-and-cylinder system contains 2 moles of and ideal gas and is subjected to 1.013 bar external pressure. The piston and cylinder do not conduct heat, but heat can be added to the ideal gas by a heating coil that transfers heat at 600°C. The ideal gas has an initial temperature of 300°C and enough heat is added to increase the temperature by 200°C. Determine the work, heat and entropy of generation for this process. (8 pts) Given: ( 29 R gas ideal C P 2 7 . =...
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