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Thermo I Exam 1 Example 1

Thermo I Exam 1 Example 1 - Name CHEG 2313 Short Answer 1...

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Name: ____________________________ CHEG 2313 Thermo I Exam I Example 1 Short Answer: 1. Which thermodynamic property is the best measure of the molecular activity of a substance: (2 pt) a. enthalpy b. internal energy c. external energy d. none of the above 2. Energy is added in the amount of 50 kJ in a heat interaction to a closed system while 30 kJ of work is done on the system. The change of the internal energy of the system is: (2 pts) a. 80 kJ b. 20 kJ c. –20 kJ d. –80 kJ 3. (T / F) Enthalpy is always equal to heat. (2 pts) 4. Consider a marble that is held at the lip of a bowl. The marble is released with no force added, and begins to roll down into the bowl. Assuming the rolling process is frictionless, for which of the figures below does the ball have maximum energy? (2 pt) a b c d e Energy is the same for all positions Problems: 6. Annie Edson Taylor was the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Assuming she and her barrel had a mass of 122 kg and the average height of Niagara Falls is 53 m, determine her velocity just before impact in miles per hour. (30 pts)
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