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Thermo I Exam 2 Spring 2011 takehome

Thermo I Exam 2 Spring 2011 takehome - The ideal gas is...

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Name: ____________________________ CHEG 2313 Thermo I Exam 2 Takehome Spring 2011 This is an opportunity to earn an additional 25/25 points for Thermo I Exam 2. The attached problem is due by the beginning of class Friday, March 18 th . I certify that the work on the attached pages is my own and that I have not worked with anyone else in the solutions of these problems. ________________________________ __________ (sign) (date) 7. An ideal gas is being expanded as part of an isobaric flow process.
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Unformatted text preview: The ideal gas is initially at 1 bar and 1 m 3 and expands to 1.5 m 3 . Heat is added to the process in the amount of 7 kJ/mol. Given: Cp (ideal gas) = 3.5*R a) Determine the work produced from the expansion of 28 moles of the ideal gas. (15 pts) b) Is this the maximum work that can be produced from this process? Assume that heat is being transferred at a temperature of 600 K. (10 pts)...
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