Brooklyn%20Bridge - 6 PYKnHHCKMA MOCT ,OOKLYN.RIDIE t ,ve,...

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.ush .' . . . 6PYKnHHCKMA MOCT MIA.I, Hy .. '..-, PlAoOlH 1 . ...... 1 H. XlpOW" ••• HI ....K. 110•• 0, nil .... .p.o •• I, •••••• r ••• IU.r. MII6p"u, lin ... • p "ltH""" O"TO A p •••• •• Hal • ,,'pHI." ·AIT n wa.lU.leR lI"ltlq.l, JlHI • • .... p 1 e,,. .Iq" .'P'lql .XOllY, e p'.Hwl, 6pf ..... c •••• oct. H • ropoA B elO w. np" n06'AII""" •• nyw x- .P"'. P'.' nOA pOct- "., n"IM". e.... ol, fli '" • .nn".", ....... , rop"wl, ,OOKLYN.RIDIE t - ,ve, Coolidge, ,hout of joy I :Oo.will.parc: no worm abollt good thinp. at my praise, go red as our Bag. owever unlted-Slates -of ,eria you may be. a crazed believer colen a chUTCh, "11Ra1l onastery cell. and plain: into a m austere I, . in evening . haze, humbly let foot on B~}Jyn Bridge. AI a conqueror presaea . into a aty all shattered, on cannon with muzzles aaning high as a giralfe- 10, drunk with glory, eager to live, I clamber, , in pride, 172 175
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II &p,., •• CI. . ..c~ Haa rJlynw. XYAOIIIHIlII ••1A.HHr .yae• •0H.a'T r"'a. c.ol. u ..6""H .. OCTp, lIlI R. C nOAH.6ecu. '.'IA" ye,"". C.OTp. III H ... ·1PI0pH CH ....-&pyH.IINCHII •• ,CT. H ·P10pH AO .... op. TRlCell . I AyW'H• •ad.,A.
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Brooklyn%20Bridge - 6 PYKnHHCKMA MOCT ,OOKLYN.RIDIE t ,ve,...

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