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Social Security Online History Pages: EPIC Plan Social Security Online History Home Upton Sinclair, "Immediate EPIC: The final Statement of the [EPIC] Plan." 1934. http^/ This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current policies or procedures Social Security History Cover of EPIC Plan. SSA History Archives. IMMEDIATE EPIC PREFACE The purpose of this pamphlet is to discuss those steps of the Plan to End Poverty in California which have to be taken FIRST. The EPIC Plan was prepared in August, 1933. There was neither time nor money for research work, so many of the propositions were stated in general terms. In the thirteen months which have since elapsed, the Plan has been widely discussed; more than a hundred audiences have been addressed, and thousands of questions answered. Naturally, our proposals have been revised in many details, and we know that the Plan is a sounder and wiser thing than it was a year ago. We of the EPIC movement presume to tell the people of California that we know how to end poverty and will do it if elected. We are not professional politicians seeking office, but men of faith believing in the right and power of the people to manage their own Iof23 12/15/2009 4:26PM
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Social Security Online History Pages: EPIC Plan affairs. We believe that democratic government confronts today the gravest crisis of its history. Our old and established industrial system is falling into ruins, and a new system has to be built in the midst of the collapse. Unless Democracy can find a way to do this, we shall have civil war, followed by Fascism and ultimately by Bolshevism. In the effort to avert these events, we present a plan to the people of California. We expect to take power in January, 1935. We shall take over a state brought to the verge of bankruptcy by greedy and ignorant politicians. There will be a deficit of $35,000,000, plus an accumulating deficit of a million and a half per month; this without counting the expenses involved in the support of the unemployed and destitute. Despite the fact that we had nothing to do with the making of these conditions, the public will hold us responsible for them from the day we take power. That is an inescapable fact of political psychology. It would be difficult to find in American history a graver problem faced by the administration of a State. Immediate action will be necessary, and the voters are entitled to know exactly what we propose to do. The purpose of this pamphlet is to answer the question, insofar as it can be answered, five months ahead of the beginning of the job. Many factors are uncertain. Will the election be close, or will the voters give us an
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