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outline--Radical Islam

outline--Radical Islam - RADICAL ISLAM AS RESPONSE TO THE...

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RADICAL ISLAM AS RESPONSE TO THE LIBERAL VISION Complements Things Fall Apart Trepidation—misperceptions and political posturing What you know from Prof. Mohja Kahf Important to know where modern radical Islam comes from—Liberal vision -- ( Image of Twin Towers—no caption) I’ll never forget -- TWIN TOWERS WITH “SECOND COMING” OVERLAY “This changes everything.” Self-assurance after Cold War gone. -- WEIZMANN AND FEISEL. Caption: “Chaim Weizmann and King Faisal of Iraq” REMARKABLE Things haven’t always been this way Weizmann—Russian Jewish Chemist, Br. Headed Br. Zionist Commission. 1918 , preparing to carry out Balfour Declaration. Prince Feisal, son of Hussain, Emir of Mecca, potential Caliph. Hashemite. Weizmann to wife: “He is the first real Arab nationalist I have met. He is a real leader! He is quite intelligent and a very honest man…He is not interested in Palestine, but on the other hand he wants Damascus and the whole of northern Syria.” In context of post-WWI, Jewish and Arab independence movts. compatable. ON LIBERAL TERMS. Weizmann and Feisel lost. -- RADICAL ISLAM IS A MODERN RESPONSE TO LIBERALISM, COLONIALISM, ANDTHE CREATION OF THE MODERN MIDDLE EAST AFTER WORLD WAR I. IT
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INTERPRETS THE KORAN AND OTHER ISLAMIC SACRED TEXTS TO EXPLAIN THE CURRENT STATE AND FUTURE HOPE OF THE MUSLIM WORLD. -- A REMINDER: THE LIBERAL VISION -- LIBERALISM AND COLONIALISM (I) Denis Diderot. Critic of European colonialism. Away from home, Europeans are uncivilized. Adam Smith. Critical of barbarism, but also opposed on economic grounds. Liberal idea of progress, stages of development justified imperialism John Stewart Mill. To prevent brutality, put colonies in hand of administrative corps. Alexis de Tocqueville. Advocated French colonialism in Algeria. Nat’l interest trumps morality (protect Fr. Settlers.
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outline--Radical Islam - RADICAL ISLAM AS RESPONSE TO THE...

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