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Unformatted text preview: as response to the liberal vision TURNING AND TURNING IN THE TURNING AND TURNING IN THE WIDENING GYRE THE FALCON CANNOT HEAR THE FALCONER; THINGS FALL APART; THE CENTRE CANNOT HOLD; MERE ANARCHY IS LOOSED UPON THE WORLD, THE BLOOD­DIMMED TIDE IS LOOSED, AND EVERYWHERE THE CEREMONY OF INNOCENCE IS DROWNED; THE BEST LACK ALL CONVICTION, WHILE THE WORST ARE FULL OF INTENSITY. PASSIONATE CHAIM WEIZMANN AND KING FAISAL OF IRAQ RADICAL ISLAM IS A RADICAL MODERN RESPONSE MODERN TO TO LIBERALISM, COLONIALISM, AND COLONIALISM, THE THE CREATION OF THE MODERN MIDDLE MODERN EAST EAST AFTER WORLD WAR I. AFTER IT IT INTERPRETS THE INTERPRETS KORAN KORAN AND OTHER ISLAMIC SACRED TEXTS TO EXPLAIN THE EXPLAIN We should control our world. We our We are in control because of our We A REMINDER: THE LIBERAL V separate and We humans are ISION and unique. We reason. (And the world is orderly). reason With reason we understand the orderly With world through science. science We control the world through applied We science: engineering. engineering When we do that the result is progress. When progress Progress leads to two natural Progress conditions: human liberty… liberty …and human equality. and equality LIBERALISM & COLONIALISM (I) DIDEROT ADAM SMITH JOHN STEWART MILL ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE LIBERALISM & COLONIALISM (II) WILSON’S FOURTEEN POINTS JANUARY 18, 1918 WINSTON CHURCHILL, GERTRUDE BELL, T.E. LAWRENCE IBN SAUD, PERCY COX, GERTRUDE BELL MARK SYKES THE CREATION OF THE MODERN MIDDLE EAST The Great Game: British/French/Russian competition in the Middle East The Decline of the Ottoman Empire Diplomacy, War, and State-making in the Middle East, 1916-1922 A “Neo-European” Middle East? ABDUL IBN SAUD RUHOLLAH KHOMEINI SAYYID QUTB AYMAN AL-ZAWAHIRI ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM IN THREE COUNTRIES Saudi Arabia: Wahhabism as state religion in a monarchy Iran: Revolutionary Islamic Fundamentalism in Power Egypt: Islamic Modernists vs. Islamic Fundamentalists RADICAL ISLAM: THE SHARED VISION disorder and decline brought on by centuries of political and moral decay. This decay began when, both in the public and private realm, the values and dictates of the Muslim religion were not respected or practiced diligently. not This decay made possible Western This intrusion which, for all intents and purposes, infected the Muslim world with an alien set of immoral, secularist values and behaviors based on the d from Lawrence Davidson, Islamic Fundamentalism: An Introduction (2003) from efining concepts of materialism and Islamic Fundamentalism: An Introduction nationalism. nationalism. The Muslim world is in a state of The In order to combat this perceived In decay and infection, the Muslim world must be re-Islamicized. This entails the reassertion of classical Islamic ways, particularly the reintroduction of Shariah, or Muslim law, while purging most aspects of Western cultural and political influence influence The only way to re-Islamicize society The is to repoliticize Islam itself. is VIOLENCE & TERRORISM A CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS? Samuel P. Huntington Edward W. Said ...
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