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Mayan - Scott Fuller Jr D Schlarb English 1102 24 February...

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Scott Fuller Jr. D. Schlarb English 1102 24 February 2010 Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography Aveni, Anthony F. The End of Time: the Maya Mystery of 2012 . Boulder, Colo.: University of Colorado, 2009. Print. The End of Time: the Maya Mystery of 2012 is a book by an author named Anthony Aveni. This book explores the theories and origins of the myth relating to the 2012 doomsday theory. The author vividly describes the significance of the ancient Mayan culture that created the calendar. Aveni is a professor of astronomy, anthropology, and African American Studies at Colgate University, a well respected liberal arts college in Madison County, New York. He has also published Empires of Time and Behind the Crystal Ball, both prominent books in the field of astronomy. The book will give some background information to history behind the myth. It also helps a great deal due to the credibility of the author and the relevance of the subject matter. Goldmann, Ayala. “WORLD SURVIVES THE END NOSTRADAMUS WRONG AGAIN.” Skeptic. (1999): Vol. 7 Issue 3. p18, 1p, 1 bw . Web. 8 Feb. 2010. Nostradamus was a famous seer in the 16 th century. His theories are some one the reasons why people believe that the world will end in 2012. The article, “News of the end of the world”, is based on a prophecy of his that turned out to be completely false. This helps discredit him and in turn, discredit the 2012 doomsday theory. The article even show how some of the experts on Nostradamus doubt his theories. This article was written by Ayala Goldmann, a prominent
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Russian journalist. This article will be good because it provides a way to discredit Nostradamus
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