Chapter 1 HW - 9. In what major ways have information...

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9. In what major ways have information systems in business changed during the last 40 years? What is one major change you think will happen in the next 10 years? Refer to Figure 1.4 to help you answer. Over the past 40 years, the roles of information systems for businesses have expanded from simple data processing to enterprise resource planning and business intelligence. The major differences between then and now is a much higher level of integration across all facets of an organization, a greater level of connectivity between information system components, and the ability to reorganize tasks to take advantage of strategic opportunities. Information systems took on the role of data processing, which included processing transactions and record keeping, up until the 1960s. From there, the role of information systems shifted from not only tracking and processing data, but to organizing and analyzing the data into reports that managers could use to make informative decisions. This process was known as management information systems. While these reports aided in the decision-making process, they did not meet the needs of managers in the 1970s. In response to this need, a new role for information systems
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Chapter 1 HW - 9. In what major ways have information...

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