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Chapter 3 HW - 7 What are several trends that are occurring...

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7. What are several trends that are occurring in computer peripheral devices? How do these trends affect business uses of computers? Computer peripheral devices are the input, output, and secondary storage devices that are part of a computer system but are not part of the CPU (p. 93). These devices are used to enhance the functions and usability of CPUs to perform everyday business activities ranging from simple data-entry to securely storing customer and company information. Peripherals have made performing these activities much more efficient and have allowed companies to change the way they do business. The following trends in peripheral devices will highlight some of the ways they have affected business uses of computers. The first trend in peripherals is the shift from pointing devices, such as the trackball, mouse, and pointing stick, to the touch screen. This shift is occurring because touch screens are much easier to use with small, hand-held computers and phones whose
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