Case 31 - Kodak

Case 31 - Kodak - MGT429 Case 31 From Silver Halide to...

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MGT429 Case 31: From Silver Halide to Digital Imaging Technology at Eastman Kodak Kodak’s strategy of growth in the early years of its history were creating economies of scale through mass production, maintaining the lead in technological innovation, extensive product advertisement, and developing a business that could expand across the globe. Kodak was very successful using these strategies, dominating the photography industry throughout much of the 20 th century. Some of their corporate-level strengths came in the form of its large investments in research and development, multiple patents for both production processes and products, and its ability to create economies of scale through high volume and the production of most of its products’ component parts. By the late 1980s, Kodak had increased its portfolio of businesses to include imaging, information systems, health, and chemicals products and services. This was due in part to their diversification strategy. With these new business units, Kodak could diversify its portfolio to
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Case 31 - Kodak - MGT429 Case 31 From Silver Halide to...

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