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Chapter 3 Discussion If we were not able to actively construct our perceptual representations of the world, perceptual illusions like those in chapter 3 could not exist. Because our minds perceive these images differently from one another, we are able to learn about each other’s views, habits, and attitudes. For example, many images can be perceived from an ink-blot card (or whatever they are called). As well, clouds can be perceived to look like one object to one person while at the same time perceived to be something completely different to another person. If we were unable to separate ourselves by the way we process information, nothing would have meaning because each image would be perceived the
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Unformatted text preview: same way by every person. Personally, I found the blind spot image the most interesting, just because it was something new. And the fact that it actually worked, some of the other images I tried did not work for me. Did anyone else experience this? I particularly like the post on May 12, 2010 called “impossible slopes illusion.” The webpage I found was pretty interesting. It offered some different types of optical illusions, but as I stated before the “impossible slopes illusion” was my favorite. The webpage also offered some interesting facts and the author’s opinions/remarks about each type of illusion. Enjoy!...
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