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Chapter 5 Discussion After reading Focus 5.2, I have mixed feelings about how my phobias (for lack of a better word because my fears are mostly situational) were learned. I already mentioned in another discussion that I have a fear of heights and a small fear of snakes, which are both listed as common fears in the book. However, I cannot say I agree with my fear of heights being passed on from my “evolutionary ancestors.” I definitely think this fear was learned through experience. However, I have no explanation for my small fear of snakes. So, I could be open-minded to the fact that it may have been passed on from an earlier generation; either that or from ridiculously scary movies like Anaconda . The only situation in which my learning came from operant conditioning as described in Focus 5.4 is that which came from those in power, such as my parents, teachers, etc. I can relate this to some of my learning experiences as a younger child, but not all of them. I cannot really grasp the concept of Skinner’s work because there seems to be a lack of
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