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Chapter 8 Study Guide True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. _F___ 1. End user needs assessment is a formal procedure to analyze a user's computer needs; it involves a specific set of steps that are performed in sequence in each assessment project. _F___ 2. A payroll clerk is a reliable source to determine whether a new payroll software package is needed. _F___ 3. The three phases in a user needs assessment project are 1) preparation, 2) investigation, and 3) implementation. _T___ 4. Although users may not know the exact or correct answers to a user analyst's questions, it is important for an analyst to begin with the right list of questions. __F__ 5. The goals and objectives of an organization are long-term and do not normally impact decisions about the immediate need for computer systems and services. _T___ 6. When a support specialist tries to understand the goals of end users and an organization, one issue is what plans the organization has to grow or expand. _T___ 7. The criteria an organization uses to make a decision about a new computer system or service are often based on the feasibility of time, staffing, money, and technology. __T__ 8. Some problems user support analysts study turn out to be organizational problems instead of technological problems. _F___ 9. Stakeholders are a small group of selected users who represent a larger group of users and participate in an interview when including every user is impractical. _F___ 10. Since office workers may not understand the extent of problems with a computer system and possible alternatives to the present system, their input in a user needs assessment project is usually of minimal valuable to a support analyst. _F___ 11. In a user needs assessment project, although managers may not work with a system on a daily basis, their input needs to be considered because they may make the final decision on a project. _F___ 12. Since vendors are biased toward their own products, they can rarely contribute to a user needs assessment project. _T___ 13. Before a support analyst can consider alternatives to the existing system, they must understand how it works and what users like and dislike about it. _T___ 14. A model is a tool to help a needs assessment analyst understand a business activity with narrative descriptions or graphic diagrams.
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_F___ 15. One test the text suggests to determine whether a support analysis understands an existing system well enough is if the analyst can operate the system correctly without assistance from end users. __T__ 16. Before an analyst recommends replacing an existing system, he or she should investigate successful systems in operation in other, similar organizations. __F__ 17.
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Beisse Chapter 8 SG - Chapter 8 Study Guide True/False...

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