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Chapter 9 Study Guide True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. __T__ 1. System installation usually takes less time for a user support specialist than for an end user. __F__ 2. Every system installation always follows the steps listed in the installation checklists provided in the text. _F___ 3. Installation of office computers is now standardized so there are few installation issues that are likely to confront support specialists. __F__ 4. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations are the responsibility of safety engineers and not a concern of computer system installers. __T__ 5. The footprint of a computer case is its length times its width, measured in square inches. __F__ 6. The footprints of a computer case are rubber protectors mounted to the bottom of a case that will rest on the floor. __T__ 7. A keyboard placed on a regular height office desk (30") can cause user discomfort because the angle of the user's wrists at the keyboard is unnatural. _T___ 8. When sitting at a keyboard, a user's forearms should extend to the keyboard in a relatively straight line, or tilted slightly downward. __T__ 9. A computer case that is placed on the floor may require that a user bend over frequently to access media drives and the case may accidentally get kicked. __F__ 10. The recommended height of a laptop keyboard is not the same as the recommended height of a desktop model because laptops are often used outside an office environment. __T__ 11. A display screen should be positioned so it is viewable by looking straight ahead or slightly down. _T___ 12. The purpose of a waterfall seat design is to take pressure off the back of a user's legs and promote better circulation. __F__ 13. Frequent stretch breaks and exercises during breaks are controversial and overrated solutions to worker complaints and injuries. __T__ 14. Repetitive strain and carpal tunnel syndrome are two names for the same injury. __T__ 15. Poorly designed office chairs are a principal cause of eyestrain. __F__ 16. Wrist and finger pain is usually the result of a mouse that needs maintenance. _T___ 17. An assistive device is a computer peripheral or software that adapts a system so users with various physical limitations can be more productive.
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_F__ 18. When a computer is plugged into a two-prong outlet, an adapter that converts from a three prong plug to a two prong outlet is recommended. __T__ 19. Computer equipment is often sensitive to devices like motors or generators that are plugged into the same electrical circuit. __F__ 20. Most computer hardware components function well, even if the quality of electrical power is very poor. __F_
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Beisse Chapter 9 SG - Chapter 9 Study Guide True/False...

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