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Beisse Chapter 12 SG - Chapter 12 Study Guide True/False...

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True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. _T___ 1. Support specialists often use utility software to diagnose and repair problems users encounter. _T___ 2. Before installing and using any utility software package, a support specialist should research and understand its features and limitations. _T___ 3. An end-user license agreement is a legal contract between a vendor and a user that governs the use of a software package or information service. _F___ 4. A source document is an input form on a Web site that permits a user to agree to receive specified services and provisions. _T___ 5. A privacy policy is a statement describing how an organization collects, maintains and uses information provided by and about its customers or end users, including sale of information to third parties. _T___ 6. Open source, freeware and shareware utilities are never commercial products. _F___ 7. A software utility advertised as a “free download” may provided limited use until the user pays a fee. _F___ 8. Freeware versions are utility software that can be downloaded and used at no cost and without any use limitations. _T___ 9. Hardware support utilities include those to diagnose and test hard disk drives and internal memory modules. _F___ 10. A repetitive operation performed to evaluate the ability of a PC system to operate at peak efficiency for a defined time period under a maximum processing load is called a benchmark. _F___ 11. The Hitachi Drive Fitness Test utility described in the chapter only works on Hitachi hard disk drives. _F___ 12. A system information utility displays statistical performance information and network service fault alerts in a visual, graphic format. _T___ 13. Belarc Advisor is an example of a utility that audits and reports on system information. _F___ 14. Versions of the Windows operating system after Windows 2000 no longer have a command-line prompt feature. _F___ 15. The purpose of a system recovery disk is to reinstall, repair or restore an operating system on a PC’s hard drive to its original operational state. _F___ 16.
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Beisse Chapter 12 SG - Chapter 12 Study Guide True/False...

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