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Course Nuances - Federal Taxation Course Nuances Be...

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Federal Taxation Course Nuances Be Flexible Course Materials were loaded prior to the beginning of class. Please keep in mind that the syllabus and agendas are subject to changes and updates …hopefully minor. The subject…Federal Taxation There is a wealth of material to cover. The subject itself may seem intimidating or overwhelming. Remember, this is an accelerated online course. We must cover 14 chapters in seven weeks. The same amount of material would be covered in-seat over 15 weeks. The instructor is not allowed to reduce the material. This goes to accreditation…you want your degree to be valued. Reading Railroad The topic of Taxation is probably the one subject you will not be able to get away with just reading once or skimming the pages of the text. Often times it may be necessary to refer to other sources for clarification, such as form instructions, publications, internal revenue code, regulations, etc. Please take the time to at least thoroughly read the material once. The footnotes may prove to be valuable.
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