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prog1a_2533_sp11 - ymax=v0^2*sin(theta)^2(2*g...

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% CSC 2533 % Spring 2011 % Assignment 1a d=2375; h=1345; v0=295; x=735; g=9.81; t=sqrt(2*(v0^2-h*g)+2*sqrt((v0^2-h*g)^2-(h^2+(d+x)^2)*g^2))/g; theta=acos((d+x)/(v0*t));
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Unformatted text preview: ymax=v0^2*sin(theta)^2/(2*g); y=d*tan(theta)-g*d^2/(2*v0^2*cos(theta)^2); fprintf('t=%.5f theta=%.5f ymax=%.5f y=%.5f\n',t,theta*180/pi,ymax,y);...
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