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% CSC 2533 % Spring 2011 % Assignment 2a x=1:.001:5; y1=(1+(x-2).*cos(pi/4*(x-5)))./exp(-(x+2)./(x+4)); y2=60*(1+(x-2).^3.*cos(pi/4*(x-5)))./((x+3).*sqrt(x.^3+5)); y3=3*log(x.^3+4).*(x+1).^2.*exp(-x.^2./(x+3))./(1+x.^2.*sin(pi/4*(x-1))); y4=12*(x+1).^2.*sin(pi/6*x)./(log(1+3*x+sqrt(x+4)+sqrt(x).*sin(x))+x.^2);
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Unformatted text preview: plot(x,y1,'g',x,y2,'r',x,y3,'m',x,y4,'b'); axis([1 5 0 24]); set(gca,'xtick',1:5); set(gca,'ytick',0:2:24); xlabel('x'); ylabel('y1(green), y2(red), y3(magenta), y4(blue)'); title('Assignment 2a');...
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