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% CSC 2533 % Spring 2011 % Assignment 3c [xd yd]=textread('prog3c.dat'); n=length(xd); for(k=2:n-1) xd3=[xd(k-1) xd(k) xd(k+1)]; yd3=[yd(k-1) yd(k) yd(k+1)]; c2=polyfit(xd3,yd3,2); cderiv1=polyder(c2); deriv1=polyval(cderiv1,xd(k));
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Unformatted text preview: cderiv2=polyder(cderiv1); deriv2=polyval(cderiv2,xd(k)); fprintf('x=%.1f 1st derivative=%8.5f 2nd derivative=%9.5f\n', . .. xd(k),deriv1,deriv2); end e...
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