Essay1 - Factors leading to the pursuit of PHD Choices are...

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Factors leading to the pursuit of PHD Choices are a strong part of one’s life; a person’s status is a mere accumulation of his choices to date. Yet, dreams are what shape and procreate the respective decisions. Ever since I was a little boy, I was blessed to possess and fashion multiple colorful lifelong dreams and goals. Being a PHD, although for a juvenile me, meant a luxurious living and a prominent title, was a reverie in making. I would always see myself making it as a scholar and somehow the sheer existence of this trance sailed me to where I am right now. Later as I grew and expanded my educational eyesight, the idea of performing and dedicating to the field of positivity and motivational leadership transformed and reshaped the skeleton of future me. Today, every day marks a new era where I breeze through complications and toward my destination. Dr. Wayne Dyer and his best-selling book you will see it, when you believe it was the building block of my journey towards understanding the human psyche and its mastery. I experienced the so-called awakening with every turn of page, with every new concept illustrated, so much so that books end marked and evolution in me. Current level of preparedness and position in the field Currently, I feel extremely prepared mentally and educationally to set sail on this wonderful scholar road trip. I have had more than 3 years of leadership experience and am fortunate enough to lead and direct a
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Essay1 - Factors leading to the pursuit of PHD Choices are...

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