template - issues affect the clarity order confusion or...

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University of Phoenix Material Reflective Journal Template The following template is adapted from Cunliffe (2004) and used here with permission. 1. Identify personal insights, moments of critical questioning, and comments or ideas from today’s workshop that have impacted you. Today marked an amazing day in my learning experiences. I had multiple eye-opening moments driven from other students past experiences. Today’s critical moments reinforced my belief and faith and solidified my purpose for following after my doctoral degree. Furthermore, I realized that many of my classmates have sacrificed to be in this position and how blessed I am to be sailing through with them along this journey. Also I learnt to be strong, learnt that the strongest oak in the forest isn’t the one protected and covered by other trees but the one that gets the most beating form the sun and the wind. Describe why these insights, questions, and ideas are important to you. What effect do they have and what dilemmas, questions, or possibilities do they raise? How do these
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Unformatted text preview: issues affect the clarity, order, confusion, or chaos of your thinking? Any open doors represent new opportunities to learn and excel. Fortunately, I was honored to share beautiful heart-felt experiences form my class-mates past lives. All these new contexts reminded me of the areas that I need to improve in and/or start in. What issues, questions, and dilemmas are you going to explore further? Why and how? How will your actions influence who you are and how you relate to others? What relational nets can you construct to continue this process of reflective and critical learning? Solidifying my belief, trying to stay true to my character, learn the people in need, seizing the moments and the opportunities and excel my academic stance so that one day I am able to help others transform. Reference Cunliffe, A. L. (2004). On becoming a critically reflective practitioner . Journal of Management Education, 28 (4), 407-426....
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template - issues affect the clarity order confusion or...

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