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CHALLENGE PROJECT You are a CPA that has been hired by John Doe Associates. Your consultation involves presenting a presentation that addresses the below questions: a. Executive Summary – Names and description of parties involved, detailed description regarding the fraudulent acts including timing, amounts, processes, control deficiencies, value of losses, who benefited, who lost, etc. b. Identify and name the fraud classification of the case (skimming, larceny, ghost employees, revenue recognition, etc.). c. Discuss the rationalization of the culprit. d. What are some of the red flags that trigger warning signs of wrong doing? e. Name the analytical techniques and/or procedures that could have been employed for analyzing the case? f. How was the fraud detected (internal audit, tip from customer or vendor, anonymous tip, hotline, external audit, forensic investigation)? g. What was the internal control weakness? h. What internal control techniques were utilized during the case? i. What internal control techniques do you think would have been helpful in the case? j. What was the net accounting effect of the fraud of the books & records of the company (was cash overstated, inventory understated, cost-of-sales overstated, other expenses overstated, etc.) k. What administrative policies can be implemented to strength internal controls? l. How could this fraud have been prevented or detected earlier? m. Planning an audit what type of evidence exist, audit objectives, audit procedures, fraud conditions, audit activities, related planning procedures, type of test involve, risk factors, test of controls, substantive test of transactions, deficiencies, controls, and recommendations for improvement. Prepare a 5-7 minute presentation utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint with a minimum of 15 slides that should include a summation of the above question answers Brief case below (graphs, charts, logos, etc.). BRIEF CASE
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