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Unit 5 DB - The war on drugs is a very touchy subject and...

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The war on drugs is a very touchy subject and when I chose to write my essay on this subject, I had to be very careful in my approach. This essay will focus on my methods, reasoning, struggles I encountered, and learning’s I had in writing my essay. When deciding what topic to write on, I didn’t want to do what I thought would be easiest, or the one that would be quickest. I wanted to write a comprehensive essay, on a subject that I felt, most would not feel the same way I do about. I looked at my options and I mind mapped each of them, writing out the different tropics I would have to write about for each topic. After that I compared all of them to see which ones gave me the most in depth look into the topic, and also which really gave my personal outlook on the subject, not so much pure research and statistics. I wanted to write with emotion. After doing this I decided to write about the war on drugs.
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