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I think the pools represent the different stages in Neddy’s life. They started off happy, full of prosper, and then slowly turned dark and gloomy. When he swam at the Biswangers’ pool, he complained about them always speaking of money, which to me represents the period in his life when he lost it all. Them always speaking of the costs of things, exchanging market tips is a reflection of what he has lost. The highway represents a crossing ground. A period in Neddy’s life where he had to make a decision to go ahead with his plan, or to back away. He chose to go ahead with his plan, and after thins choice, his life started to go downhill Other symbolic items in the story are Lucinda river, the string of pools along the county, for which he named after his wife. How he would find many friends along the Lucinda River, and
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Unformatted text preview: how the water of Lucinda River were sapphire colored and the banks were lush and bonny. To me this represents how he longed for his wife, hence why he went swimming along the Lucinda River. How his wife was well respected and liked. Also a symbolic item for me was alcohol. In most pool scenes Neddy sought after alcohol, to me this is symbolic of a man depressed, wanting to forget his past. Neddy represents all of our struggles in life, the ups and downs we all face and the hard times we have when important decisions need to be made. I feel there are many interpretations of this story because people can relate to it, and intertwine Neddy with their own personal experiences in life...
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