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WL7_8Atmos-Ocean_Circ_web - Atmospheric Oceanic...

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1/15/09 1 Atmospheric & Oceanic Circulations So far this week…. Humidity, Adiabatic Processes, Clouds & Precip Formation Now…. Atmospheric Pressure Winds and Pressure Gradients Global Patterns of Wind and Pressure Ocean Currents Atmospheric Pressure Pressure = Force per Unit Area Metric unit = Pascal (Pa) – @ sea level = 101,320 Pa (or 101.3 kPa) – older unit = millibar (= 100 Pa) – (therefore, pressure @ sea level = 1013.2 mb) Pressure Changes with Altitude Atmos pressure ’s with altitude Winds & Pressure Gradients Wind = horizontal motion of air across earth’s surface horizontal mvmt dominates (small vertical component called turbulence) Wind produced by diffs in air pressure from one location to another both wind speed and direction are important wind direction given based on where wind is coming from
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1/15/09 2 4 Forces Drive Speed & Direction of Wind: Earth’s gravitational force Pressure Gradient force Coriolis force Friction force Wind
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WL7_8Atmos-Ocean_Circ_web - Atmospheric Oceanic...

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