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3/13/09 1 Glaciation & Ice-dominated Environments Glaciers – Alpine & Continental Glacial Processes Glacial Movement Landforms Made by Alpine and Continental Glaciers Periglacial Environments What are Glaciers? Large mass of flowing ice Composed of snow, firn and ice Glacial ice - interlocking crystals of solid H 2 O Firn - consolidated, granular transition of snow to glacial ice Snow - crystalline precipitation develop when summertime ppt > ablation alpine glaciers and continental glaciers are 2 forms of moving ice erosion and deposition of materials by glaciers results in distinctive glacial landforms Alpine Glaciers 3 types of alpine glaciers: • Cirque • Valley • Piedmont Continental Ice Sheets & Other Ice Forms Continental Glaciers: large, extensive ice sheets that cover all but the highest peaks of a continent Present day continental glaciers • Antarctica • Greenland Other Ice Forms: • Ice Cap • Ice Field • Ice Shelf • Pack Ice • Sea Ice • Icebergs
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L14_glaciation_web - 3/13/09 Glaciation & Ice-dominated...

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