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3/23/09 1 1 Ecosystem Essentials Ecosystem Components & Operations Species Interactions Ecosystem Productivity: Photosynthesis & Respiration Abiotic Factors Influencing Productivity Biogeochemical Cycles Ecosystem Stability and Succession 2 Ecosystem Basics… Ecology – the study of the relationships between organisms and their environment and among various ecosystems and the biosphere Biogeography – the distribution of plants & animals, and the physical and biological processes that produce this 3 Ecosystem – a complex of many variables (independent but functioning together) with complicated flows of energy and matter Habitat - a subdivision of the environment according to the needs and preferences of organisms or groups of organisms Ecological Niche - tolerances to moisture, temperature, soil chemistry, illumination specific to each organism Community - an assemblage of organisms that live in a particular habitat and interact with one another Associations - specific types of communities in which typical organisms are likely to be found together 4 Species Interactions Competition Predation Parasitism Herbivory Allelopathy Symbiosis
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3/23/09 2 5 Plants! Plants are the critical biotic link between solar energy and the biosphere 6 Photosynthesis & Respiration Photosynthesis (P): the production of carbohydrate (organic compounds) H 2 O + CO 2 + light energy carbohydrate + O 2 Respiration (R): opposite
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L17_Ecosystems_web - 3/23/09 Ecosystem Essentials Ecosystem...

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