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3/27/09 1 1 Terrestrial Biomes Natural Vegetation Structure and Life-form of Plants Terrestrial Ecosystems - the Biomes 2 Terminology… Biogeographic Realm : A geographic region where a group of plant and animal species evolved Ecotone : a boundary transition zone between adjoining ecosystem regions Terrestrial Ecosystem : a self-sustaining association of land-based plants and animals and their abiotic environment Biome : a large, stable terrestrial ecosystem characterized by specific plant and animal communities. Usually named for dominant veg. 3 Natural Vegetation Natural Vegetation a plant cover that develops with little or no human influence (but is subject to natural forces of modification and destruction) Human-Influenced Vegetation modified by human activities 4 Structure & Life-form of Plants Trees Shrubs Lianas Bryophytes Epiphytes Thallophytes Herbs Perennial Perennial & Annual
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3/27/09 2 5 Terrestrial Ecosystems - the Biomes Ecosystems fall into 2 groups: Terrestrial - dominated by land plants spread widely over upland surfaces of continents; directly influenced by climate and interact with soils Aquatic - marine & freshwater environments we will focus on terrestrial ecosystems largest recognizable subdivision = biome 6 The Biomes 10 Major Terrestrial Biomes:
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L19_Biomes_web - Terrestrial Biomes Natural Vegetation...

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