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University of Waterloo GEOG 102 – “Geography and Our Planetary Environment” Winter 2010 Instructor: Dr. Merrin Macrae MWF: 9:30 – 10:20 Office: EV1 336, 888-4567 x33064 Lecture Room: DC 1351 email: [email protected] Office Hours: MW 10:45 – 11:45 C OURSE D ESCRIPTION : Emphasis on the natural environment as an integrated system. Selected aspects of weather -- climate, water, soils, biota, landforms along with flows of energy, water and matter and their effects on the subsystems of the natural environment. C OURSE O BJECTIVES : To examine the foundations of physical geography by exploring the major atmospheric, hydrologic, geomorphologic, and biogeographic processes at the earth’s surface. C OURSE T EXTBOOK : Christopherson, Robert W. and Byrne, Mary-Louise. Geosystems: An Introduction to Physical Geography, 2 nd Edition . Pearson Education: Canada, 2008. Note: The older edition of the text is acceptable (I will post page numbers for both editions) and will also make copies of this text available in the library for short term loan. It is essential that you do the readings in this course. C OURSE E VALUATION : Test 1 30 % Test 2 30 % Final Exam 40 % PLEASE NOTE: Examinations: It is the student’s responsibility to be available to write exams in the scheduled times. The midterm exam will be held in class during the lecture period. The
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2011 for the course GEOG 102 taught by Professor Dr.merrinmacrae during the Winter '10 term at Waterloo.

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Geog102-outline-W2010 - University of Waterloo Department...

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