Discussion Handout 1 Syllabus

Discussion Handout 1 Syllabus - ARC 308 Architecture and...

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Unformatted text preview: ARC 308 Architecture and Society 00495 & 00470 Spring 2011 TA: Emily Ray emilyelray@gmail.com Discussion Handout #1 DISCUSSION SECTION SYLLABUS As opposed to the lectures, the discussion section is intended to be the forum for discussing your thoughts and ideas about the course content in relatively small groups. The class will be one 50-minute session per week and will be moderated by a graduate student from the school of architecture. A key component of Architecture and Society is learning within a community environment where a free exchange of ideas and knowledge is highly encouraged. Actively participating in lively but supportive discussions each week will lead to a better experience for the entire class. This is basically your home base for the course so this is where you will bring your questions and concerns, as well as your insights and curiosity. Participation (10%) While this is a very small percentage of your grade, it can only be achieved from one of the most important aspects of the course: being in class and sharing your thoughts and perspective with your peers. It is through attending the lectures and discussion sections that you will develop the best understanding of the course content. Attendance will be regularly taken in lecture and discussion sections- and is mandatory. This course uses the UT attendance policy for grade consequence. Additionally, your attendance will have a direct correlation with your performance on the quizzes and your think sheets. Reading: Texts It is crucial that reading assignments, as outlined in the calendar, be respected. We have carefully considered the pace of the reading in terms of volume and content. The readings will expand on and reverberate with the lectures so in order to get the reading in terms of volume and content....
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Discussion Handout 1 Syllabus - ARC 308 Architecture and...

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