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Assignment 2 Instructions Go to the Society for Neuroscience Brain Briefings Website. 0. Select an article to read. 1. Use that article as a starting point for a web search. 2. Write a 2-3 page pager (typed double-spaced) describing what you learned. Link to Brain Briefings Page: The paper: 0. Include a brief (1-2 paragraph) description of the Brain Briefings article. 1. List all of the websites you used to get information and include a brief description of the site. 2. Cite the websites in the text of your paper. 3. Use reputable sources (e.g. NIH, SFN, scientific
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Unformatted text preview: publications, academic websites). 4. Popular press articles are OK, but dont rely solely on them. Go to original source if possible. 5. Be concise! Dont include irrelevant or meaningless text. The paper: 0. Convince me that you learned something new that you wouldnt have otherwise learned. 1. Feel free to work with a partner or group, but you must write your own paper. 2. You have lots of latitude. Find something of interest to you and follow it wherever it leads, as long as you learn something important and legitimate. 3. A sample paper is on Blackboard....
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