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ps3 - ECON 3310 MONEY AND CREDIT Homework Assignment Due...

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ECON 3310: MONEY AND CREDIT Homework Assignment Due date: Friday 4 December 2009 Instructor: Karel Mertens Obtain or construct some data series on a macroeconomic or financial variable that you think is of interest. The assignment is to apply what you learned in the course to understand the behavior of the data over a period of your choice. Your analysis should be about one variable only and should not exceed one page, including a graph of the variable you choose. You are not expected to spend more than 4 hours of your time on this assignment. For those of you without inspiration, here are a couple of examples: Real Federal Funds Rate: Monthly effective funds rate minus 12-month change in Core CPI (CPI less food and energy) Real 10-yr Treasury Yield; Monthly 10-yr constant maturity yield minus 12-month change in Core CPI
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