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Syllabus W103 - Psychology 3: Cognitive Foundations Winter...

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Psychology 3: Cognitive Foundations Winter 2011 Instructor : Kristin Mauldin, PhD Email : TA’s: Annette Jeneson, Liz Schotter, Office hours : Tue/Thur 7:50-8:30pm, 2584 Mandler (Dr. Mauldin) Fri 10-noon, 340 Stein (Annette Jeneson) Tues 10-noon, 3572 Mandler (Liz Schotter) Meeting time and place Required Text : Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology , Ronald T. Kellogg (3 rd Ed.) Goals for this course: Psychology can be broken down into two main subfields, the study of mental processes (the mind) or the study of the biology underlying those mental processes (the brain). Cognitive psychology studies the ‘mind’ and is concerned with mental processes such as vision, attention, memory, and problem solving. This course will cover of topics in cognitive psychology. We will use a combination of lectures, textbook reading, demonstrations, and readings of historically important experiments in order to provide you with a strong foundation of these concepts. Course Learning Outcomes: In the course of the semester, you should be able to: Identify the historical antecedents to cognitive psychology and state why they are important to how we study the mind. State the basic ideas of the cognitive approach. Explain what abstract constructs (such as memory or attention) are and how we can
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Syllabus W103 - Psychology 3: Cognitive Foundations Winter...

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