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Where_Small_Business_is_Big_Business - Where Small Business...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Where Small Business is Big Business Q&A with Harish Krishnamurthy, Vice President, GMU Midmarket How was our performance in Midmarket in the GMU in Q3? In Q3 we continued to build on four consecutive quarters of double-digit growth and grew at 26% as compared to the same qu The growth was led by a very strong performance in hardware and services with GBS growing at around 60%. However, our s From a Growth Market Team (GMT) perspective, we saw good performance all round with seven out of eight of our GMTs gro GMU Mid Market Chart Why is Midmarket important to IBM? Midsized businesses represent about 65% of the global GDP and 90% of its workforce. These businesses are typically more i In the GMU, Midmarket is a significant sized business representing about 30% of General Business¡¯s plan for this year. It is What are the unique challenges of Midmarket within the General Business Sector in the GMU? General Business (GB) covers a wide range of market opportunity as it cuts across multiple industries and includes both Midm Harish Krishnamurthy Harish Krishnamurthy, Vice President, GMU Midmarket, speaking at IBM 2010 China Midmarket Forum in Shanghai. IBM's definition of Midmarket is the set of businesses that have less than 1,000 employees which includes hundreds of thousa Marketing is particularly important since these customers often either don't know about IBM or believe that IBM does not serve What are we doing to address these challenges and drive growth in the Midmarket segment in the GMU? As a team, we began our growth momentum in the fourth quarter of 2009. The improved market and global economic conditio For example, we set about improving our scale and reach via Business Partners. To address the needs of the hundreds of tho We also increased our focus on smaller deals. Since we're dealing with tens of thousands of transactions each quarter, the tra
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