Introduction: Subject Overview and Administration

Introduction: Subject Overview and Administration - Diesel...

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1.818J/2.65J/3.564J/10.391J/11.371J/22.811J/ESD166J SUSTAINABLE ENERGY Prof. Michael W. Golay Nuclear Engineering Dept. 1
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ENERGY HISTORY MILESTONES Before 1700 – A Renewable Energy World: Biomass, Wind, Hydro 1698 Thomas Savery St eam-driven pump 1711 Thomas Newcomen Atmospheric piston-driven steam engine for a pump 1785 James Watt More efficient, higher pressure, separated steam engine – First to produce sufficient power for broad- scale use 1862 Beau de Rochas Four-stroke reciprocating piston, spark-ignited internal combustion engine 1876 Baron Otto Improved four-stroke reciprocating piston, spark- ignited internal combustion engine 1881 Brush Electric Light Co., First electric power plant Philadelphia 1892 Rudolph Diesel
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Unformatted text preview: Diesel engine 1896 Henri Becquarel Discovery of natural radioactivity 1903 Fisk St . Sta., Commonwealth First st eam turbine-driven electric power plant Edison Co., Chicago 2 ENERGY HISTORY MILESTONES, continued 1932 James Chadwick Discovery of the neutron 1933 Irene and Frederic Jolio t-Currie Discovery of artificial radioactivity 1938 Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner and Discovery of neutron-induced fission Fritz Strassemann 1942 Enrico Fermi First man-made critic al nuclear reactor 1951 Howard Zinn First nuclear electricity produced, by EBR-1 1954 Hynan Rickove r First nuclear submarine, USS Nautilus 1958 Atomic Energy Commis sion First commercial nuclear electric power plant, Shippingport 3...
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Introduction: Subject Overview and Administration - Diesel...

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