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Unformatted text preview: Welcome to Managing for Sustainability! Sustainability! Angela Casler MGMT 460 Sustainable Businesses Sustainable Remain profitable while protecting people Remain and the planet. (3 P’s) and Organizations understand their impacts, Organizations both positive and negative, on society equity, the natural environment, and the economy. (3 E’s) economy. Sustainable Strategic Management Sustainable 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Life Changing Emerging awareness in American Emerging Organizations Organizations Currently, no rules and few Currently, regulations regulations How organizations are managing the How Triple Bottom Line Triple The Minor in Managing Sustainability The gives you a key competitive advantage – educated first generation advantage Elective or Minor? Elective Only 3 electives are required to graduate Only with the Minor in Managing for Sustainability Sustainability Rigorous elective that is structured to Rigorous prepare students taking the minor to be prepared to manage for sustainability prepared Want a Career in Sustainability? Want Learn how to integrate sustainability practices Learn into processes throughout your organization into Learn how to analyze life cycle assessment Learn to communicate between technical Learn experts experts Learn to motivate as a change agent Participate in communicating new management Participate strategies, models and processes strategies, Understand the assessment/reporting process Get involved with campus opportunities for Get excellent experience on resume excellent University Initiatives University The University has added sustainability to it’s core The strategic priorities: strategic Each generation owes something to those which follow, Each we will create environmentally literate citizens, who embrace sustainability as a way of living. We will be wise stewards of scarce resources and, in seeking to develop the whole person, be aware that our individual and collective actions have economic, social, and environmental consequences locally, regionally, and globally. globally. University President Climate Commitment Chico State Leads The Way Chico Awards – America’s Greenest Campus – Won the Awards National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology Chill Out Contest 2007 Out Named Top 10 in 2008 ( Dr. Jeff Price, Campus IPCC rep, nobelauriate Minor in Managing Sustainability Sustainable Business Partnership Sustainable Consulting of Office Practices (SCOOP) NetImpact – 1/10 undergraduate schools NetImpact Green Campus University Infrastructure University Institute of Sustainable Development Campus Sustainability Coordinator Associated Students Sustainability • • • • • • • Get involved Get experience Get paid Get educated with activity not just theory Experience for your resume Leadership opportunities Make a difference What this class is not What Focused on studying problems of global Focused warming, climate change, endangered ecosystems, environmental economic concerns or global atrocities. concerns These problems are all important, but These choose electives that satisfy your passions and curiosity and MGMT 460 is MGMT Focus on what business can do Understanding sustainability and the Triple Understanding Bottom Line Bottom Understanding how to create a strategy Understanding your organization or communities Understanding impact on the environment impact Understanding how to create change Understand how to implement sustainable Understand business practices into all facets of your organization in any position organization Understand the assessment/reporting process Understand MGMT 460 is Understanding how contemporary global Understanding business must change to secure natural resources for the next generations resources Understand how to be an effective change agent Understand and communication with stakeholders and Effectively work in teams with people of Effectively varying perspectives, expertise, and agendas agendas Understand consequences of decisions made Understand today on tomorrow today The Fortune 500’s Journey The Pepsi: reducing plastic and reusing recycled material to Pepsi: remanufacture remanufacture Coca-Cola: Emulating waste water initiatives SC Johnson: manufacturing using methane from landfill Unilever: demanding suppliers comply with Chain of Unilever: Custody for certifications Custody HP: The Blade, packaging, supply chain, DFx Intel: Wireless electricity, reduce raw materials Wal-Mart: contract with organic cotton farmers GE, Exxon, BP, Chevron: leaders in installing alternative GE, energies energies Auto Manufacturing: Toyota: hybrid Prius Paints, recycled material, electric motors, biomimicry Mission Mission MGMT 460 will provide you with the tools MGMT and specific skills that will enable you to become a change agent for sustainability in any position within any organization. in COB Vision Statement COB Our vision is to graduate values-based leaders who are committed to sustainable business practices, which includes creating positive change that will benefit generations to come. Meeting Expectations Meeting Each class session will be conducted as if Each you were attending a formal meeting you Attendance: it’s your dime Come prepared with reading assignments Come Quality participation in a safe environment Quality to avoid career suicide to Active listening Tactful and respectful feedback No cell phones, MP3’s Laptops may be used to obtain information Laptops from the portal. Do not abuse this policy! from Special Accommodations Special Sports? Submit copy of schedule (Be sure to update class with progress!) DSS - Please come see me Veterans – Please come see me Scheduling conflicts – please come see Scheduling me after reviewing the class schedule me Required Texts Required 1. 2. 3. Hitchcock, D. and Willard, M. (2006) The Hitchcock, Business Guide to Sustainability: Practical Strategies and Tools for Organizations. ISBN 978-1-84407-320-7. (BG) 978-1-84407-320-7. Edited by Jost Hamschmidt (2007) Case Edited Studies in Sustainability Management and Strategy, The Oikos Collection. ISBN 978-1Strategy, 9060-930-13 (CS) Esty, D. and Winston, A. (2006) Green to Gold. Esty, Green ISBN 978-0-300-11997-8 (GTG) ISBN Summary of Points Summary Exam 1 200 2. Exam 2 200 3. Cumulative Final Exam 300 4. 7 Quizzes (T/F and multiple choice. Best of Quizzes 6) 600 6) 5. A1: Environmental Responsibility 150 6. A2: Project Management 400 7. A3: Stock Market 50 Total Number of Points 2000 1. Extra Credit Completing 1 credit hour for BADM 115 – Business Completing Ethics. Sign up on the portal or in class. (50 points) Ethics. Completing 1 credit hour for AS Sustainability internship. (50 points) See portal folder “AS Sustainability” (50 50 points of Extra Credit will be awarded to the top three earners in the stock market game. Various tours, outside of our class meeting time, will be Various announced that are available throughout the semester. 25 extra credit points will be awarded for each tour you attend. attend. Supply Chain Management Conference Saturday, Feb. Supply 21, 2009. 25 points. 21, Policies Policies I will not accept late assignments No make up exams will be given without No an excused absence an Quizzes: Mostly Monday’s on readings Add/Drop is a two way street Non-attendance deductions during Non-attendance presentations Policies Policies All materials will be placed on Vista Announcements Syllabus Lectures Homework Assignments Grades Practice quizzes and exams Only email me through Vista. I do not read email Only prior to class, but afterwards. prior Policies Policies Grade disputes: Written justification due Grade one week after work is returned one If I miss class: contact a peer and check If Vista for assignments Vista Contact me prior to class for an excused Contact absence absence How to find me How Email: Email: [email protected] [email protected] Office: THMA 440 Office: THMA Office hours: MW 2:00pm to 4:30pm Telephone: 898-4066 First task: obtain the telephone number of at First least one other person in this room. Upcoming Schedule Upcoming Let’s review the portal Be sure to review the schedule for Be planned tours outside of the classroom planned Reflections Reflections Write down Your definition of sustainability A few reasons why you took this course What you hope to learn from this course What industry will you explore for your career What path? path? ...
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