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Unformatted text preview: The Journey The Contemporary society evolves Two main theories managers can manage Two for sustainabilty for Triple Bottom Line Life Cycle Assessment Management Thought: Contemporary Tech Revolution Contemporary The Triple Bottom Line: (John Elkington’s Cannibals with Forks) with Andrew Savitz with Karl Weber ISBN: 978-0-7879-7907-2 Sustainable Corporation Sustainable Profit for shareholders while protecting: The environment and improving the lives in The which they interact which Working together as a cohesive group Building awareness and support Engaging active people Managing the change Financing the change Sustainability Sustainability One Definition: Operating a business that One causes minimal harm to living creatures and does not deplete, but restores and enriches the environment. enriches Profitability becomes not the only measure Profitability to gage success of the company for its stakeholders stakeholders How to Succeed How 1. 2. 3. Identify a wide range Identify of stakeholders of Develop open Develop relationships relationships Work with them for Work mutual benefit mutual The Triple Bottom Line The Economic Sales, profits, ROI Taxes paid Cash flows Jobs created Total Environmental Air quality Water quality Energy usage Waste produced Total Social Labor practices Community impacts Human rights Product responsibility Total $$$$$$What gets measured gets done $$$$$ A Journey Journey Life Cycle Assessment Life Innovating Our Way to the Next Innovating Industrial Revolution Industrial Peter Senge & Goran Carstedt Life Cycle Assessment Life Changes conventional product and Changes business life cycles from linear to circular. business Circular life cycles mean that businesses Circular behave as a living system. behave A living system rejuvenates, recycles, and living reuses all nutrients in an ongoing cycle. reuses Waste becomes food for new growth. The Living System The Regenerates – Reuse Decay – Reduce Nutrients – Recycle These 3 R’s: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Reuse, Create a circular system rather than linear Linear flows extract, Linear produce, sell, use, and discard discard The next generation of business The A cycle of old industries die and new ones are cycle born. born. Since the industrial revolution, business has Since treated natural resources as a means to an end. The global economy – do we use natural The resources to serve human progress? resources Do you believe that companies can also include Do the benefits to society and nature as well as profitability? profitability? Naturalism Naturalism “If the machine inspired the industrial age, If the image of living system may inspire a genuine postindustrial age”. (p.27) genuine Biomimicry: all byproducts of one life are Biomimicry: nutrients for another. nutrients Humanism Humanism Naturalism establishes the guidelines Humanism gives the knowledge Humanism organization the means to learn how to translate naturalism into accomplishment translate Don’t forget, business must still make a Don’t profit or all of this is idealistic. profit Therefore, can managers be surprised Therefore, that workers make superficial commitments? commitments? The “Prosumer” The The extension of customer Alvin Toffler says the Prosumer actively Alvin participates in generating value derived from a product from Activism: How often do you voice Activism: feedback to a manufacturer or retailer? feedback Pre-consumer: Shifts in consumer Pre-consumer: behavior will be the only way to create a shift in society shift The New Economy The Starts with technology and ends with trust. Can competitors trust one another to Can collaborate? collaborate? Can communities trust regulators to Can collaborate? collaborate? Can consumers trust both business and Can government to collaborate effectively? Renewable Energy Renewable Hydroelectric Geothermal (hydro) Solar Wind Wave: hydroelectric Pioneers Pioneers Dow Jones Sustainability Index FTSE4 Good Index The Global 100: Most Sustainable Corporation World Business Council for Sustainable Devel Winslow Green Index – green screened comp The Sustainability Revolution The We are at a crossroads We can continue in a direction that cannot be We sustained for your children sustained OR we can change YouTube - Ray Anderson, CEO Interface, Inc. The Story of Stuff The The industrial revolution did not have any The rules either. rules The sustainability revolution can only The begin with communities redesigning lifestyle or life cycle together. It is a challenge to the global community. How can I make a difference? The Story of Stuff ...
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