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Unformatted text preview: L7 Human Resource L7 Human Resource Management BG C. 8: Human Resources Systemic Change Systemic Change Human resource managers or owners highly influence sustainability integration. They inherently possess conflict management skills and facilitation. How does sustainability fit within our corporate culture? Who needs to be involved? Where should we begin? What structure do we need? At what point do we go public with our efforts? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Introduce concept to top executives Consult on implementation Align human resource systems Model appropriate behavior Measure the benefits 5 Strategies for HRM 1.. Introduce Sustainability to 1 Senior Execs Use visuals: books, articles, movies or other company executives to start a discussion Must have senior executive support Discuss long­term vision Empowerment 2. Consult on Implementation 2. Consult on Implementation Change management role Encourage participation departmental level Map out departmental processes with diagrams and flow charts Build awareness and motivation 3. Align HRM Systems 3. Align HRM Systems Training: Orientation Development Technical knowledge Budget for seminars/conferences Selection and job specifications Staff meetings Performance reviews Reward systems Reward Programs Reward Programs Encourage, engage, acknowledge, embed Allow time for sustainability experiments and research Transportation: alternate ways to work Pre­tax Transportation Savings Account Benefits: Healthier workers reduce costs on health care EMPLOYEE SUGGESTIONS Reward Programs Reward Programs Pay for certification of staff Post and communicate efforts/progress Engage employees Intranet blogs or discussion boards Monthly meetings to discuss lifestyle changes and workplace habits Positive feedback Accountability when necessary Reward Programs: Reward Programs: Investment Strategies Invest in green business Practicing LCA or TBL Renewable energies for economic development Innovative start ups Invest in businesses walking the talk CalPers is only investing in sustainable companies to support efforts of others Retirement fund investments 4. Model Appropriate Behavior 4. Model Appropriate Behavior Walk the Talk Work/Life balance: expected by millenials Meetings/Conferences: Work with departmental heads to influence automation and reduction of paper, office supplies, encourage recycling, preconsumerism, comfort and air quality within the building Work with departments to track savings and give the funds back to the employees so they own it Reduce packaging by using buffet style with non­throw away serving material Local caterer, organic foods, composting How Employers Are Giving Back How Employers Are Giving Back Use savings from LCA for the following: Bicycle racks indoors and outdoors (also for customers) Parking spaces for carpooling (also for customers) Champion parking space Pregnant or women with children parking in addition to handicap Free mass transit Fuel cards Indoor gyms and health equipment Providing healthier food choices in cafeteria Energy Star appliances, purchase low VOC paints and flooring Improving air quality and natural light More Ways to Give Back More Ways to Give Back Good idea bonuses Leadership opportunities to lead task forces Flex time Subsidize more family cost for health insurance or benefits Allow employees to pick green companies to invest in Parties to celebrate “Taking Action” Rewards for volunteering or philanthropy 5. Measure the Benefits 5. Measure the Benefits Measure progress or productivity before and after implementation Track absenteeism and retention before and after Job screening: track applicant awareness survey Compare retention rates and compare the savings on new hire advertising, screening, hiring, training SCORE Tracking SCORE Tracking Executive education Implementation to support vision Sustainable Culture Employee Orientation Training program Performance Appraisals Pay: reward systems Volunteerism/charity Jobs! It’s a hot market! Jobs! It’s a hot market! For Job Market, Green Means Growth ­ Forbes.com Google searches: green jobs ­ Google Search sustainability coordinator ­ Google Search sustainability Jobs | Monster.com Sustainability Jobs on CareerBuilder.com Renewable Energy Jobs Green Economy: It’s the Future! Green Economy: It’s the Future! Good­bye industrial, technology and service age. Here comes the Green Economy! Most sustainable coordinators have the power and authority of middle level managers. Require 2­3 years of experience Require proven success records and bottom line impacts Internships are the key to your success Creating your own position in your next organization is feasible! ...
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