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Team Project Topic: “Women: The Oppressed Majority” This project assignment is worth a maximum of 100 points . The due date of your presentation is April 15, 2011 . Why this topic is important: Although the feminist movement has a long history and progress in improving the circumstances of women in the United States has been made, we still Fnd that women are being oppressed. This project aims at fostering a better understanding of the mechanisms behind discrimination and unequal treatment of women as well as at deFning the current state of the American woman. Project task details: Introduce your fellow students to the most signiFcant information on the feminist movement and describe the progress that has been made. What is ±eminism? How have gender roles changed? What is the current state of women in the United States? Can unequal treatment of and discrimination against women still be found in our society? What is “Sexism”? How do the patterns of women in the workplace differ from those of men? How is women ʼ s subordinate position different from that of oppressed racial and ethnic groups; how is it similar? What are the special challenges facing women of subordinate racial and ethnic groups? Use information from your textbook (chapter 15).
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09_SWSMGT355_Project_Women_100 - Course Title: Instructor:...

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