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Team Project Topic: “Unequal Treatment of Human Groups throughout the World” This project assignment is worth a maximum of 100 points . The due date of your presentation is April 18, 2011 . Why this topic is important: The phenomenon of subordination based on race, nationality, or religion isn ʼ t unique to the United States, but it occurs throughout the world. This projects aims at describing discrimination and unequal treatment beyond the scope of the United States. Project task details: Identify who the native people are and what their role has been in each of the societies discussed in chapter 16 of your textbook. What role has secession played in Canada and Israel? How have civil uprisings affected intergroup tensions in Mexico and Israel? In what ways are South Africa ʼ s policy of apartheid similar to the Jim Crow laws of the American South? To what extent are the problems facing South Africa today a part of apartheid ʼ s legacy? How have the actions or inactions of the United States contributed to some of these problems?
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10_SWSMGT355_Project_UnequalTreatmentBeyondBorders_100 -...

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