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MGT 355 SWS - Syllabus - Course Title Instructor Semester...

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When: MWF 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM Where: 210A DeVos Center, Pew Campus Contact instructor: [email protected] Office hours: Wed, 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM and Fri, 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM 421C DEV, Pew Campus (additional consultations available by appointment) Required texts: Allen: MGT 355 Coursepack, 1st Edition, ISBN: 9780840030719 Schaefer: Racial & Ethnic Groups, 11th Edition, 2011, ISBN: 9780132438759 (supplemental readings will be provided for some assignments) Please note: Course content will not only come from the required texts but also through lectures. Attending every class, active participation in class, and keeping up with your reading is key to your success in this course. On which reading material we will be working on will be announced in class every week. Course Description: MGT 355 has received the U.S. Diversity designation. The ongoing process of globalization has affected the business world. For example, the increased use of cross-cultural teams emphasizes the importance of managing diversity and valuing differences. This course emphasizes the ability to effectively respond to the challenges and opportunities of diversity in the workplace through a learning process of awareness, knowledge, understanding, and behavior. Various cultures that exist in the United States workforce and their differences are extensively explored. Organizational mechanisms to include or marginalize different kinds of people are examined. Course Objectives: - Analyze the structural conditions and processes that create marginality in any given dominant culture at any historical moment - Examine how one’s culture affects workplace perceptions and judgments - Comprehend the experience of marginality Course Title: SWS MGT 355 - The Diversified Workforce (3 credit hours) Instructor: Susann Rasch, PhD Semester: Winter 2011 (Jan 10 - Apr 29, 2011) 1
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Supplemental Writing Skills: This course is designated SWS. Completion of WRT 150 with a grade of C or better (not C-) is a prerequisite. SWS credit will not be given to a student who completes this course before completing the prerequisite. SWS courses adhere to certain guidelines. Students turn in a total of at least 3000 words of writing. Part of that total may be essay exams, but a substantial amount of it is made up of essays, reports, or research papers. The instructor works with the students on revising drafts of papers, rather than simply grading the finished piece of writing. At least four hours of class time will be devoted to writing instruction. At least one third of the final grade in the course is based on the writing assignments. Course Overview: (This syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. I reserve the right to modify or change assignments with adequate prior notice. You will be notified in class or via email.) WEEK TOPICS / ASSIGNMENTS Jan 10 - 14 Getting acquainted, course information, requirements, assignments Discussed topic: ‘The Diversified Workforce - An Introduction’ Jan 14: Writing Instruction (50min)
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MGT 355 SWS - Syllabus - Course Title Instructor Semester...

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