Paper 2 - Assignment details

Paper 2 - Assignment details - Your second paper has to be...

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Your second paper has to be at least 1,500 words long. It will make up 26.09% of your grade in this course. You will have the opportunity for the revision of your paper. After you turn in your initial draft no later than April 4 I will give you feedback on areas of improvement until April 8. In addition I will offer 2 class sessions (1h 40min), in which I will give writing instructions on how to write a scientific paper (formal structure, action plan, formatting), how to do scientific research (which sources can be used and how do you access them), how to cite sources you have used, and topic related advice. In addition you can email me questions. Normally I answer my emails on a day to day basis. Also, feel free to come to a consultation during my office hours or set up an appointment to discuss challenges you may face when writing your paper. Please discuss the following topic: An U.S. American working for a U.S. based company is send to a site in a foreign country for at least one year (choose a country: first come, first served ). Company and expatriate: - What type of company (home base) - just briefly define: business sector/industry, manufactured product or provided service (Note: It is your choice to use a real life example of a global player or make a company up. Choose whatever is easier for you to work with.)
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- What type of foreign site (joint venture, wholly owned subsidiary, etc.) - this aspect is important because the market entry mode has consequences for the specific risks of the branch operating in the foreign country - Why is the company sending somebody to this branch - Who is the employee send to the branch operating in the foreign country (expert / executive) / what is the purpose of his/her assignment / what experience does he/she have that make him/her the right candidate for this foreign assignment - What are the responsibilities linked to the position at the branch operating in the foreign country - In which contexts will he/she be dealing with what kind of business people in the foreign country (NOTE: Introducing the company and expatriate shouldn’t account for
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Paper 2 - Assignment details - Your second paper has to be...

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