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Team Project Topic: “Understanding the Culture of Asian, Chinese, Japanese Americans” This project assignment is worth a maximum of 100 points . The due date of your presentation is April 08, 2011 . Why this topic is important: When we talk about Asian Americans we need to acknowledge that we address a highly heterogenous group with this term. This means that there are to some extent quite signiFcant cultural differences between different groups within the spectrum of this minority. Understanding these differences is crucial, not only in relation to other minority groups, but also to the Euro-American culture. Especially for western-oriented cultures Asian values, norms, and beliefs can be a foreign experience of special quality. Project task details: Introduce your fellow students to the most signiFcant information on the cultural identity of Asian Americans, and in particular of Chinese and Japanese Americans? Describe the differences between these cultures. Provide demographic data. Use information from your textbook to do so (chapter 12). In addition, please introduce the Japanese ningensei style of communication. Then evaluate Asian Americans in regards to their impact on the productivity of the U.S. economy.
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SWSMGT355_Project_AsianChineseJapaneseAmericans_100 -...

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