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+++ Mkt 351-02 - - Winter 2011 -- Syllabus 1 pm TTh

+++ Mkt 351-02 - - Winter 2011 -- Syllabus 1 pm TTh -...

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MARKETING 351-02 Consumer Behavior Winter 2011 / CRN 22766 1:00 – 2:15 p.m. Tuesday - Thursday Room 210A E DeVos Professor: Dr. Frederic B. Kraft Office: 326C DeVos Center Hours: 11:15 – 12 noon and 2:15 – 3:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays Telephone: 331-7472 (Faculty Office) E-Mail: [email protected] 975-3925 (Home: Call only from 8:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m.) Course Purposes The most basic goal of modern marketing is to satisfy consumers and keep them as happy and profitable customers. Reaching this goal requires marketers to understand consumer needs and desires and to design appropriate products, services and marketing programs, which will lead to profitable exchanges. Obviously marketing managers cannot hope to meet consumer needs and to develop successful marketing programs without a thorough understanding of the consumer = s relevant cognitive, emotional and behavioral processes. For this reason, the purposes of this course are: (1) to provide a set of tools with which consumers can be analyzed (2) to develop a framework within which to conduct the analysis (3) to sensitize students to the primary importance of consumer satisfaction (4) to provide students with greater insight into their own consumer behavior and make them better consumers. Orientation of the Course Human consumption behavior (which includes all the steps of buying, using and disposing of goods, services) and the ways in which this behavior may influence and be influenced by the physical and social environment is the focus of the course. The study of human behavior is complex and has been approached from many applied as well as theoretical directions. This course takes an eclectic approach and selects the most noteworthy and useful theories from psychology, sociology, anthropology, demography and the rapidly emerging field of consumer research. The emphasis of the course will be on how these have been employed successfully in the A real world @ by marketers. Text J. Paul Peter and Jerry C. Olson (2010) Consumer Behavior , Ninth Edition (Boston: McGraw-Hill/ Irwin) (Other editions may be suitable, but check with Dr. Kraft) NOTE: The text is a very important source of information for which you will be responsible. However, you will also be required to know information from lectures, handouts, and videotapes. While the organization of the
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