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Mkt 351 Consumer Research Paper Survey The research paper will be about the use of tanning facilities and sun tanning behavior by consumers. The questionnaire includes a number of measurement scales which we will discuss after spring break. To start the process of doing the project, you need to find three people who intentionally get a tan. In our climate this will probably mean people who use commercial tanning facilities. It also means that the sample should be composed primarily of person with light skin tones. Here is what you need to do: 1. Find 3 people who do tanning. (they should be age 18 or older) 2. Be sure that the person has not previously filled out the questionnaire. 3. Ask each person to fill out the questionnaire completely.
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Unformatted text preview: Be sure that no questions are skipped. 4. Put the persons name and phone number (or e-mail address) and GENDER on the back of the completed questionnaire. (The marketing department student assistant may need to check some of the questionnaires for completeness) 5. Bring the questionnaires with you to class on Tuesday, March 22 nd . At that time we will discuss how you will use your information and combine it with concepts from your text book to write an analysis of why consumers choose to do tanning. Then you will address the issue of how a public health professional could promote caution in tanning to prevent cancer and other health problems caused by too much exposure to U.V. light....
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