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Part01.=Introduction - Lecture Part 1 Overview of Consumer...

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Lecture Part 1 Overview of Consumer Behavior I. What is Consumer Behavior? A. Definition : C. B. Is the dynamic interaction of thinking, feeling, behavior and the environment by which people conduct the exchange aspects of their lives. B. Wilkie = s seven characteristics of Consumer Behavior 1. It is a ____________________ 2. It consists of many activities 3. It is MOTIVATED (by ____________________ factors) 4. Consumer Behavior is influenced by ____________________ factors 5. It varies in timing and complexity . 6. C.B. differs for different people 7. People may take several different ____________________ in consumer behavior. II. What we Study in Consumer Behavior Analysis A. Influences on Decision Making 1. Decision making steps as a ____________________ 2. Internal influences ( ____________________ ) [Woodstream Trap Co. example] 3. External influences (______________ and _________________ ) 4. Situations defined by interacting internal and external factors B. Objective characteristics of consumers 1. Objective Descriptors ( ____________________ s) 2. Lifestyles (as observable evidence) C. Observable Behaviors
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1. Shopping & store choice 2. Product purchase and use 3. Complaining
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