Part06=Knowledge & Means-End

Part06=Knowledge & Means-End - Lecture Part 6...

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Lecture Part 6 Knowledge, Memory, and Motivation I. Two Types of Knowledge are stored in your Memory: General and Procedural (see p. 52) A. General Knowledge 1. A unit of general knowledge is made of two concepts connected by a proposition We're still 2. There are two categories of general knowledge. (p. 53) in chapter 3 a. __________________ (about past events) b. __________________ (beliefs about things) 3. Includes your knowledge of Feelings from the past B. Procedural Knowledge 1. How facts can be used, i.e. the steps for doing things (p. 57) 2. “If . . . then” propositions II. The Structure of Knowledge in your memory A. Knowledge is stored in “ associative networks ” in your memory (Look at Exhibit 3.6) 1. ____________________ are organized networks of general knowledge Example: You know the meaning of a “Cadillac.” 2. ____________________ are organized networks of procedural knowledge Example: The steps of behavior for eating in a fast food restaurant are well known and you don’t need to learn to make decisions on what to do next! An example of communication of a concept by the use of a commonly known schema 1
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B. MARKETING STIMULI such as a logo or an advertisement can activate your memory 1. Information in your memory is made available (retrieved) by ___________________ 2. Retrieval puts information into “working ___________________” 3. Activated concepts (in working memory) affect one’s “integration” of information Examples: Ford extended service ads showing castles with moats, Cadillac ads showing mansions 4. Point-of-Purchase displays use specific picture stimuli to activate recall of concepts
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Part06=Knowledge & Means-End - Lecture Part 6...

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